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In collaboration with the ACSF, the 6 ACS schools have developed funding programmes based on the prevailing needs of the applicable school, its teachers, and students. The ACSF is privileged to participate in the following:


ONE ACS Programmes that strengthen the ACS culture and foster the ACS spirit among the ACS units.

As an example, the ACSF works together with the ACS Old Boys’ Association (“OBA”) and is the sponsor of the ONE ACS Career Forum. This annual event is an education and life-skills focused forum open to all the Methodist schools in Singapore. It features ACS alumni speakers across a wide spectrum of professions and includes local tertiary institution admissions sessions and interviewing skills workshops. In 2016, the Forum was attended by over 1,000 participants and welcomed almost 80 ACSians sharing their work experiences on 21 panels.


ONE ACS Student Grants for student sponsorship that the individual ACS schools are not able to cover through available financial assistance schemes. This ranges from emergency needs resulting from unexpected changes in family situations to annual stipends covering supplementary academic programme fees and basic educational necessities.


Student-led Community Welfare Initiatives that provide seed funding for local community outreach projects. Since our inception, ACSF has disbursed over $440,000 to the student organizations in our 6 ACS schools in Singapore in support of their respective Values In Action (VIA) initiatives with over 50 partner Volunteer Welfare Organizations (VWOs).


Innovative Instructional Programme Grants for creative ideas to promote engaged and inventive learning methods.


Student Academic, Cultural and Co-curricular Activities (CCA) Skills Enhancement

To supplement core Co-Curricular Activities and provide our students with greater diversity and quality of resources.

Life Skills, Education and Career Counselling

To provide fundamental 21st Century Skills for future servant leadership and social impact through dedicated educational and professional-related resources including career guidance and admissions counselling.

Special Needs

To fund learning support through additional specialist staffing, customized training and tailored materials. At the current time, approximately 35% of our boys at primary level have one or more diagnosed learning or behavioural challenges. The ACSF provides critical bridge financial assistance for specialized teacher education and hiring of relevant counsellors.

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